For people in the real estate market and looking to move into Georgetown, Ontario also known as Halton Hills, there are many distinct neighborhoods with their own names that make up this great community.  To start there is the "old part of town" that is made up of a many home styles ranging from small homes to large Victorian homes.  Many popular streets are King, Mill, Queen, Albert and Union to name a few.  This area of town is within walking distance of The GO station, , Knox PresbyterianGeorgetown District High SchoolSt. George's is an Anglican parish,  St. John's United Church, .  The next area of town which is also a very sought after area is the "Park District" This area of town features large and small homes but also has large mature trees and surrounds the Georgetown Fair grounds that plays host to many activities including the Georgetown Highland GamesBang-o-Rama and theFall Fair.  The streets that are well known in this area are Charles, Edith, Park, Parkview and Market.  Downtown Georgetown is an area more known for stores and business such as  LawyersAccountants, and  shops such asOlllie's Cycle and SkiElizabeth'sRoyal BankTD Canada TrustCIBC,  The Spa on MainFood StuffsGeorgetown ThaiHouse of BuddaThe CellarLeft of CentreCenter StageHalton Hills School of DanceSilver Creek ExpressoCurvesThe Ancient Way and Wellness CenterThe Sheppards Crook PubHalton Hills Public Library,  Paul C. Armstrong Insurance, Macmasters Meats, Motor Vehicle License Office, and Feet in Motion then for living but there are a few apartments that house many people.  

The Farmers market is a very popular summer attraction.  There are also a couple pockets of homes in Georgetown that have wartime homes built on the streets.  These streets are Churchill Bld. and Normandy Bld.  The next big subdivision that runs from Maple Avenue to the far end of Guelph (Highway 7) is Delrex.  This area is very large and boarders Highway 7 and the black creek ravine.  The main shopping for the town is located off of this subdivison.  The main stores and shppoing centres are The Georgetown Marketplace, and stores located in this main mall are The subdivision is made up of many streets and has mix of bungalows and two storey homes. Besides Delrex, other streets are Raylawn, Prince Charles Drive, Sargent, Noble, Norton, Stockman, Irwin, Rosefield Drive, Regan, and Weber Drive. Next came Moore Park that was built on the North part of town above downtown Georgetown.  This part of town was home that were a little bigger then the average and was made up of streets like Heather Court, Joycelyn Crescent, and Hyland Avenue.  For people looking for a relatively mature area with great curb appeal, with pools and potential for a ravine lot the Merry Meadows area is the perfect location.  On one area of Mary Street they are approximately 10-15 homes in a row that have pools and back onto the ravine and close to the Georgetown hospital.  Other streets are Henry, Princess Anne Drive, Harold, Hillside and Cleaveholm Drive.

The next phase of homes was part of the big expansion of Georgetown and this can largely be shown through the Georgetown South area.  This area that is south of Georgetown on Mountainview between  the 8th and 10th lines and is made of up mainly of two storey brick homes.  Some of the builders were Great GulfRemington, Double Oak, Queens Gate, Fernbrook, Canada Homes, Mattamy Homes.  Some of the popular streets are Argyll, Hamilton, Gollop, Webster Way, Barber, Eaton, Miller, Preston, Stone, Craig and Curry.  It took many years before any commerical developement took place but since that time there has been two malls created.  In these malls are  At the same time Law Development began building townhomes on the North part of town and this area is known as the Stewart Maclaren subdivision. The streets in this area are Robert, Corey Circle, Beverly Lane, Edwin, Lynden Circle and Palomino Trail.  One community that was developed byFernbrook and Mattamy is Stewart's Mill.  This is a very popular area located close to Stewarttown just off of 15 side road.  The streets in here are McNally, Belmont, North Ridge and Grist Mill.   A Great place to live but being just outside of town there is nothing close that you can walk too.  A very controversial project was the Dominion Gardens development.  The was the land that once was the home of the Dominion Seed House company that was to many a perminant fixture in the town, but times change and cities grow.  First is was a landmark in Georgetown that people did not want to see developed.  The second thing was that they originally had planed to build some high rises but after the public back lash they changed it to townhomes. Streets in this area are Seed House Lane, Harding and Bradley Drive.  Just after this development Mattamy decided to build a little executive neighborhood close to the downtown area just off of the eighth line.  These two streets would cause many delays and headaches for the builders but eventually it would be completed and become know as the Arbor Glen subdivision.  It is only made of two streets.  Arbor Glen and Apple Blossom. The last distinct subdivision with regards to real estate in Georgetown is the area referred to as the Mushroom factory.  Built on the property that was once the well know mushroom factory just north of Glen Williams,  it was completed by two builders, Cachet and Sunvale homes.  The streets in this area are Costigan, Meadowglen, Anderson and Logan.

In the out lying areas of Georgetown, Ontario many people looking for real estate can also look at Acton, Norval, Glen Williams, Stewarttown, Silver Creek, Terra Cotta, Ashgrove, Hornby, Speyside, Ballinafad, Limehouse and still feel like they are living in Georgetown.

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